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#1 2022-08-14 03:32

Help with enabling reverse option on IK arms

I gave my model IK arms manually (no plugin) but as a result they don't mirror each other when I try to copy one arms movement and reverse it on the other to put it in the same position as the first arm but mirrored. Any advice on how to enable this?

2022-08-14 07:14

If you want bones to be able to be reversed, you have to name them properly in the Japanese side, the entire name doesn't have to be in Japanese, but is does have to include the Japanese characters 左 for Left and 右 for right at the very start of the name you chose, this applies to any bones that should be able to be verse posted.

2022-08-14 07:42

Just use a plug-in
Its likely that IK bone position is not identically mirrored

2022-08-14 12:28

Thx Ademar, that helped, didn't work initially but you put me on the right track and I got it to work. After I made the first IK bones I put the corresponding character in the name and then mirrored the bones before linking the rest of the arm to the IK.

2022-08-15 09:08

Motion/pose data is preserved in the Japanese (JP) bone names. In order for reversing positions to work, the bones need to share the exact same name (JP, not EN), preceded with the symbol for left or right.

For example, you could name them '左Hand' and '右Hand', and it should reverse properly. Try looking at the other bones (arms and legs) in your model and their names should follow a similar pattern.

You can make the English name something you recognize instead of a symbol, as long as the JP name follows that naming scheme above