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#1 2019-10-07 20:50

Hatsune Miku, vocaloid confession/love

Not really related to MMD program or technical in general but... Place to confess your absolute (18+) love for Miku or other vocaloid characters.
Share your fantasy, what do you dream about involving vocaloids. Let it all out.

2019-10-08 12:31

nah, the only reason why miku is my favorite is because she has a shit ton of videos, i just love how serious shes getting with fanservice me :0 If you comit to the vocaloids eco system you will never run out of fapping material D; so its the number one sorce for casual fapping. But outside of MMD in terms of Hentai, Anime and Manga you cant consider Vocaloids as good, its pretty low and noobish artstyle and doesnt have any kind of ecchi or hentai service. So yea, my love for tsumi miku is fairly limited :D

I have recently obtained a Zero no Tsukaima Louise Wedding Dress PVC Figure, isnt that great? >.<

2019-10-08 21:12

origin story made a sociopath shed tears and voice of comfort during dark times
she became recognized as a vocaloid, so I got nothing regarding dreams.
wish she had more porn and good songs

2019-11-22 03:29

If I were to put them in order here's my preferences.
1 (Tie) Gumi and Haku
3. Meiko
4. . Miku
5. Luka
6. SeeU
7. Neru
8 and beyond: All the other girls not mentioned..