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#1 2019-04-14 22:55

A few requests for a few projects I have planned...

Ok to start off let me say these aren't entirely necessary but I would like to know if anybody could help me...
All of these are for some videos I plan to make for World of Warships reviews. Basically what I want to do is have the video rolling with in game footage then break midway through into a MMD dance sequence before flipping back, Something completely out of left field you know.

Anyway on to what I would like to request. (All of this is a IF POSSIBLE.)

Character models:
-Azur lane Montpilier
-Azur Lane Yukikaze
-Azur Lane Yudachi

I would also like to request any Royalty Free songs that have a motion file and both a vocal and instrumental track or just a song that's royalty free and split into a long instrumental followed by vocals. Something fun and upbeat...

The songs and motion files are more critical.

Heck another option is if you already have a video you made and just giving me permission to use it would be good... I only need a small bit... I will give credit but I'm not sure if I can link Iwara in a youtube video without getting flagged so that might be a problem.

Again any help would be appreciated at all!

Thank you ALL in advance for any consideration!
Feel free to PM me if you want to!