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#1 2017-11-18 19:37

Download speed is slow on Iwara/ecchi Iwara?

I've noticed this but download speed on (Iwara / Ecchi.Iwara) is slow. I add multiple download files on Download Manager, until 2days I get max download speed as per my Internet connection. But today I am getting random download speed.
I used to add list of files in Download Manager and then download those files in "Queue". 3 files download at a time and 1.3MB/sec each file. Now I am getting only (256 to 350) KB/sec download speed per file.

Is there any download limit or download speed limit from Server?

2017-11-19 02:22

It all depends on the amount of load the datacenter is undergoing, and the route the traffic takes to reach you.

2017-11-19 12:58

Ohhh, I had the feeling, due to heavy traffic on downloads/uploads... that maybe the reason...

Thanks again for confirming

2019-10-30 21:31

It is absolutely tragic for me at the moment. I was cringing at 30kB/s which made one video download 2-3 hours, now it's 10kB/s. I have a 10Mb/s download speed on other sites... and it also jumps back during some days (at random hours) to 1000kB/s. It would really be nice if the datacenter expanded their bandwith. I can't download a single video because it takes 8 hours and the download is interrepted at times, so I can't resume.. because by that point the file expires. It is really bad right now.

2019-10-30 23:48

Same for me. Downloads since yesterday at ~15kB/s. All files >50MB cannot be downloaded, cause the download process stops after a while. The retry does not work at all. Even looking in 360p in viewer is no option, cause same issue here. After a while loading it just stops showing anything ("The media could not be loaded ...").

2019-10-31 23:59

So it seems it's not just me. Well, I wonder about it. It's been ~30 kB/s and now it's ~10kB/s (both those download speeds are pathetic tbh) but at least during some times of day it returned to ~1 mB/s which was nice. Now it doesn't seem to happen. Over time Iwara will only be becoming more popular, so I hope you guys can find a solution or this will only become exacerbated. I love this site despite that and the idea behind it and I think Iwara is the future. But it won't be that future if it's unusable. It's not my intention to be rude, I'm pretty sure you guys are trying to do something with this but please, expand the bandwith. PS As Iwara is small compared to other sites and does not run many ads, would crowdfunding for the site be of any help?

2019-11-01 05:20

It could easily depend on which server you are being connected to.
When streaming, you can right click and open video in a new tab. This will display the server it comes from within the link. Refreshing the page usually results in a new server being chosen.
Feel free to send me a list of servers that are not performing well.

2019-11-01 10:06

I'm not sure about that but if by the server name you mean: yukari, cul, momo, aku - then all of these work the same. I refreshed one page 5 times, same result. Like I said, I compared it with the download speed from other sites, like YT and it's literally 500-1000 faster. It's been this slow only for a few days. I also looked at another forum post from 2 years ago where someone was complaining that his download speed went from 1Mb/s to 300Kb/s, it just seems that with time the problem is getting worse on all servers, perhaps with more people downloading or in an off chance, there's been a limit put on my account but I doubt it.

2019-11-01 18:12

Having stable 50 MBit/s internet connection. All other internet sites do not have any issue.
Performance issues just with this site.
Main Page www.iwara.tv, ecchi.iwara.tw + sub-pages -> needs 3-5 refreshes, till you see all pictures
Video: ruko, aku, yukari, xin, merli, momo, cul, ...
You could say each and everyone is failing.
Downloads failing after 5-30min, doing retry forever. But after ~4 hours, no retry possible. Just broken.

2019-11-01 18:43

Traceroute says that connection goes through Frankfurt -> US East Coast -> US West Coast/California
Are others here which also have a longer route ?

2019-11-02 01:59

IMPORTANT NOTE: This horrible download speed pertains to the newest videos. The older ones, like those from 2016-2017, even 2018 download at 1-2 Mb/s, i.e. hundreds of times faster. So the problem is mostly with videos uploaded since October 2019.

2019-11-02 22:02

Having the same issues as Iamthewoodendoors667 and EIJCM. Started for me a few days ago.
Currently, watching / downloading any video that released recently is simply not possible because of impossible download rates (10 - 30kbs at best). Browsing the site is also a struggle, due to the long wait for the thumbnail-images to load.

Downloading a video from 2017 went well without any problem.

Unfortunately, until this problem is fixed, there is nothing to do on this page for me except to wait :/

2019-11-03 14:05

Now it is faster again, at least for me. Hope for others as well !!!
Website is responding much faster, downloads are now between 200 kB/s and 4.5 MB/s.
Did you do or change anything ?
Like the old IT joke: "did you try turning it off and on again ?"
Maybe some hanging processes.

2019-11-03 19:21

Hey, EIJCM, the same for me. All went back to normal download speeds, i.e. ones consistent with my internet speed. Wow, what a relief! Hats down to Admin and his team and let's hope we avoid any such meltdown anytime soon.

2019-11-03 19:30

To my knowledge, nothing has changed on our end. It's possible our datacenter was doing network maintenance (usually they would tell us about it) or it could simply be passed the heaviest time of the week for worldwide traffic. It's hard to say.

2019-11-04 00:23

Out of those two only maintenance is a valid answer because this ~10kB/s speed was for 3-4 days at all times of day and people most definitely don't overuse the internet on Wednesday or Thursday. Now the download speed is significantly down again but not as much and download is possible overall, so that's fine. I have a no limit internet and pay on time, so these changes in download speed are quite odd. I even had the conspiracy theory that bigger proper porn sites hate hentai and want to ruin/block it which isn't too far-fetched because the MMD and hentai we're getting now are better and better and seeing free porn I usually have the urge to vomit. Unrelated but I sort of wanted to get that off my chest. Thanks, Admin.

2019-11-29 20:37

Same here... My browser always preloads full video while i'm searching next one. But since few weeks ago it's limited to 150 KBps per connection.
Question #2: Some old videos cannot be accessed from my region (banned?). I use my proxy but i need a list of all media server's domain names or IPs (like luka.iwara.tv). It changes every time for one video and it's hard to setup proxy manually. I can proxify all traffic but it's better to separate free and blocked (routing based filter). Can i grab this info somehow?

2019-11-29 22:17

We do not have region restrictions, nor do we offer support for proxies. Many proxies may even be blocked by our web server.
Older videos run on slower servers, so maybe this is a potential cause of problem.

2019-12-01 20:44

better run no proxy but use a strong internet protection and firewall. for example; kaspersky internet security. proxy servers are selling data about you just like anyone else, they are no saint. Ive got used to this slow website, its K for regular basis but please dont get any slower.

@Iamthewoodendoors667; the prostitution and AV Porn industry definetely hate on Hentai like crazy. If we couldnt fap so easily every day we would have to rely on prostitutes, most of us are satisfyd with Hentai porn and dont even go out to the streets :3 It would be no suprise if they attack Hentai Platforms like iwara. could be their doing but we never know.

2019-12-02 01:12

With MMD Porn you cant catch a Venereal Disease and dosent cost money and pimps and prostitutes cant Rob You. Keeping FAPPING LOL!