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#1 2019-02-02 19:00

Does anyone know what happened to mm3078?


2019-02-03 07:33

He always deletes his vids several days after uploading them.
So you may need to keep an eye on Iwara if you want his vid.

Here is my collection of his vid.(Only contains some of his videos)
Will expire after 24 hours / 20 downloads.

---Off topic, just ignore it---
传 统 艺 能

2019-02-10 07:39

Can you possibly to uploading it again??
I still looking for mm3078's vids from Iwara...

2019-02-10 20:43
2019-02-11 05:49

i wanna download your collection. Could you possible? Expiration is so quick

2019-02-13 08:13

I'd like to upload it, but there's an error

2019-02-14 07:27

what a tragedy...
how about mega or google drive?

2020-01-29 18:52
2019-02-15 07:10

I heartfully thank about thy consideration

2020-01-29 18:51
2020-01-29 18:51
2019-03-15 12:44

I found your comment
Sorry i was too late
I've been looking for the message not comment
Sorry for my dumbness
I replied some commment
Please check

2019-04-16 08:16

I believe he quit awhile ago, I used to be a fan aswell. His animations and and the effort he put in was insane. I am slowly collecting his vids too, but hard to find them.

2019-05-15 03:18

i lost all of his art. fucking world :(

2019-08-16 15:45

Yeah, I'm trying to look for his videos too, but hard to find 'em, so if anyone possibly have his collection of videos, please share it. Thankyou.

2019-10-27 14:39

this guy doesnt come online very often anyways. sometimes he come online upload some hardcore porn videos and delete them after a few days again, there is a high chance that he has several accounts and mm3078 isnt his main.

2019-10-26 03:58

Some people resell his video
So he doesn't want to make a video.
These conditions will appear every once in a while
Please stop this behavior to protect the creator

2019-11-19 11:08

Really failing to understand the motive of some creators on this site, like they will make loads of great shit, then turn into this, like deleting al their stuff, hiding, reuploading, privating, ect ect ect, its a shit way to build a fanbase thats for sure, so I kinda wonder what they are trying to do? maybe they gotta separate their life from their wired porn hobby better

2019-11-22 05:24

well while testicalwarrior makes a good point abut the creators, I'm going to play devil's advocate he So strap yourselves in, keep your head and hands inside the car at all times and I'll explain as to why I do what i do, consider this a lesson of how a creator actually has to deal with the problems.. and a lot of times it involves time, money and every we don't have.. So strap in it's going to be a long flight..

Now first off creators are not robots, we're human, we make mistakes , and we try to learn from them, and above all we do have to stpo sometimes to go eat use the bathroom and sleep.. sure we want to try and provide the best we can offer with what tools ewe got but it takes three things, time , money and energy..

First off the time.. Now while somet guys are pros and they can do this without a second thought some of us are not professionals.. some of us are amateurs or guys hwo are doing this for the enjoyment.. that's what makes up content retors.. we're doing it so you can enjoy it..

but like Isaid it tkaes time and some folks do have real life jobs (Luckily for me I'm retire dand heading out the door so to speak..) so yeah I got a lot of time on my hands.. but then you got to look at what else I hae to deal with and then you'll see what I'm getting at..

First off the models..

Now while a lot of models are out there and they are good three are a few modelers who don't make perfect mdoels and beleive me I've got a large stat sh of models .. some are working fine many have textures and in fact some are rigged properly and function normally with the motions (which I'l get toin a bit). but some ar not rigged right and that's whee some of us try to contact the molder and say "Hey your model is a little off due to the fact that you missed a couple bones.. so sometimes yo uas a creator have to go in and rig it youself and if you don't know what ou are doing ou can soemtiems make an issue worse than better..

(Aand right now I'm looking for a modeler who can help me make better models that function right, after all it's part of what Id... so yeah rigging and applying textures take time and energy too..

so that';s part one..

then come the motions and believ eme there ar ea lot of already produced (or what I call "Canned' motions outt here but if yo uahe a vide variety of songs and you want to make a motion, then that's time consuming in itself.. After all I talked to one creator who isn't around anymore when he was a few years back and he told me motions are nothing more than a string of poses that you have to set up like like an artist sketching an animation, and well some of us are not talented and some are, and it's those that ar talented that get the best work and the most appreciation out of their owrk.. but again some of us can try and do it but it might disappoint you the viewer.. rather to wait for a motion to come out (if it comes out) and then use it.. that's time consuming as well, and if the creator of said motion doesn't release it to the general public well, then they too are selling themselves short and don't improve their fan base either..but again motion crators do ahve to pay the bills too and sometimes they pay wall their stuff.. after all it's not free sometimes folks and it's nice to pay a dollor or two to help support their hoppy..(Thogh some motion creators I think charge too much sometimes and sttimes they don't produce quality stuff.. or they do but then they hide it from people in order to get paid.. which I feel is equitable but even after a long while it would be better if they released it into the public domain rather than hiding it behind a paywall on Patron.. after all fads come and og.. and eventually motions do end up on public domain for some of us to use, but many motioons are lost to the ages and those motions are only captured on video and nothing more.. so yeah it's a lost art yo might say when you can't ge ta motion.. so sometimes you have to do with what you got..

Then there's the rendering.. and this involves stomeimes a comptuer than would cost more than most people can afford..the cost of computer rending while low means you ahve to make your comptuer more powerful.. ever go out and watch a CGI movie? well , yo might notice if the movie has a sequel that the CGI gets better, and why is this? It's because professional companies have to keep their tech up to date but not all of us are companies some of us are just individulal creators who have to make do with what we got until we can build a more powerful amchine .. and that take stime and money..

Same goes for rendering software.. (That's why I use Handbrake (Totally free to use an d I've had folks actually help me learn how to use it.. and teaching takes time too..

finally we got everything done, the mdoels work the rendering is fine and even the software works, and yet, you need sometimes special effects and stage sand what not and looking those up take time.. and in some creators of stages setups they too sometimes have rules an stipulations as well.. Some folks won't let yo use part of a model some won't let yo uuse models for R18 entgertainment (and it's understandable if they are kids, but eventually they'll come around make it.. but it's eventually and some never do want to grow up, they want to just maek models and don't care .. but each creator has many moods. We get happy sad, even depressed (Sometimes to the point of suicide even).. But the point is yo uhave to make with what you got. and sometimes you can ask for help with models and folks say "sorry got too much on your plate." or "I'[m not into that kind of stuff" . so you have to respect those wishes as well.

the thing is, we can do everything right and it finally comes down to the last item in the chain.. and that is you the viewer..
and it's you guys who make or break all the crators with your nitpicking and your psoitivie and negative comment s(or lack there of..

Now while some creators tend to hide their work or privatize it, I believe in giving everyone a fair chance here, and yes I do comment and like other creaors videos, but again it's all about taste..

But the thing that botthers creators that are amateurs are the fact that people look at our work and go, "Meh, it's bland boring and not worth my time to twatch it.. or even comment on it..

That's why I've set my standards so lo.. and I'm letting the fan base do the taking..

Do I take down videos? Well i go in every year and I go review my counts of views and likes an dif I don't see either 5000 views or 50 likes well it comes down, and I chaleke tha tup to a learning profcess . I mgith come back to an idea if the mod strikes me and if things go te right way, but sometimes these are lost to you the viewer..

but what irks me the most is the comments.. (God heaven the comments or rather the lack of. them..
as I stted in a previous post where i as going to quit, after one video got so few views and likes I was thinking of taking it down and tossing it.. but i didn't and over the year it got the requirements.. Either the 5K views or the 50 likes.. so it stayed up there.. so in a way you helped save a video that was good by watching and liking it, but the thing that means the most is feedback (Be it positive or negative.. with negative feedback it just strengthens my resolve to try harder. to give positive feed back makes me feel accomplished, and thus, I want to produce more.. but it's the silence that is the thing that hurts me the most.. why? Because iwthout feedback yo udon't know if you are doing something right or wrong, yo udon't know fi the model you are using is rigged right or not or if the motion is good or bad.. or your rendering is working right or even if yor video skilsl are up to snuff.. and to this the fact that you're blind or low visioned yo know you're going to be far from perfect but then perfection isn't my issue here it's teh amount of work I can do for my age, and how much time I'm willing to spend on it..t but when ou see only 2 or 3 comments and others have 20 or 30, it mkakes you wonder.. should I even be doing this..

and that's testicalwarrior's falls apart.. after all I do want to try and do stuff, but if you remeain silent and don't say something positive or negative it make sme wonder if I should quit.. and if i do then you'e just lost anotehr cratro a crator th could have so much potential.. and the media lost is staggering.. so yeah it's not alway tha tcreators want to do things like this.. it's the silence or the lack of view sof like tha tdo.. Heck I still might quit if I so choose but I wont.. cause sooner or later (and more than likely it'll be later) i'll hit on one tha tfolks will liek and watch over and over again..

afterll I am a patient creator and I try to take my time.. Where as some creators can do 20 or 30 motions and moves in a yer I might at most be able to do 6 to 9.. and that is if I have the energy to do it..

and of course comes th e morbid part, and that is eventually we die.. (Sounds morbid right?) but yo know it's like that old saying about military men, they don't die they jsut fade away and for some liek Jasper well he's gone and you won't see any more works from him, and more than likely his family has wiped the machine and sold the comptuer off.. after all death means it's over and the show has ended.. so viewers when we die.. grab it as fast as you can, cause we won't be making anymore..

So .. I hope you enjoyed the wall of text here, and in fact it expalins a lot as tto what goes through a creators hand hear t and mind.. sure I'm not perfect but then is anyone iever perfect? Of course not..

but we are motal and all o fus eventually die.. tell that to any deceased producer or director of a movie.. or better yet, go out and get a copy of the movie and watch it, make a judgement and leave it at that..

Oh and if ther eare any 20001 fans out there, I'll be sure to say to stanley Kubrick you liked or hated his work.

Anyway I'm out for the envying got laundry to do in the morning.. and a bit of work on models.. (now if someone wants to work with me, feel free to contact me either here or on discord.. the name is the same..

Tucsoncoyote over and out.

2019-12-01 22:55

testicalwarrior you dont have to understand creators, it doesnt require to know or understand a person to like his work.

You can give people some love with donations, likes and coments but you never know when they suddenly go offline and remove their stuff. just remember to download all the goodies to your pc.

2020-01-16 18:53

The only thing that wall of text told me is your own worrying is holding ya back