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#1 2020-11-21 06:42

Does anyone know the author?

Guys does anyone knows the author of this video? it doesn't even have any watermarks anywhere

2020-11-21 10:06

I only see this vids on sankaku and the "tag name" of the author was mooksmill_(mmder) for some reason the comment banned from use chan sankaku link so i cant post the link.
maybe the one that upload the vids on PH are the author? (the uploader name was Mooksmill).

2020-11-21 23:33

so the one who upload the video on PH might be the original author huh? ok i will look for it and see if that's the case tho thanks i apreciate it nwn

2020-11-21 23:39

ok the search was kind of quick i look for him on google looking if he had a iwara profile or a bowlroll profile or some sort of thing like that and it looks like he doesn't only i found him on rule 34 and it's the same 3 videos he has on pornhub so i think maybe he only do those 3 videos and left MMD forever? i don't know but this is kind of weird tho but then again thanks for the info ;) nwn

2020-11-22 06:47

You can try searching at chan.sankakucomplex with keyword mooksmill_(mmder) ,you can see there is 1~2 more video clips there (the lastest vids uploaded 4 month ago maybe the mmder still active).
There is no source info on the vids,but the one who upload user name was mooksmill.

2020-11-23 10:00

well i just did that and yeah you are right there is one more video than in the pornhub and rule 34 profile but is still really weird maybe it was a user that got ban or something? and someone manage to save those videos and re-upload them? im still thinking this is pretty weird wish i could know more about that user :( well then again thanks for the info nwn ;)