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#1 2019-01-18 05:32

Do you have a Fetish you barely/never see in MMD Videos?

I think this might be a fun question to ask and probably talk about.

So a bit of a Story.
Now if you don't know, my channel is focused on creating Yuri Bondage videos with some involving fetishes like Foot Fetish and Mummification. What's interesting is that the reason my channel became this way was simply that... no one else was doing it. Nobody was making MMD videos involving Mummification and as a fan of that type of bondage it was kind of annoying, so of course, I got tired of waiting and decided to create a Mummification model which then lead me to try and create my own Mummification videos and later on I had people wishing for variants on my videos (Barefoot version | Socks version) to even making videos exploring other bondage themes such as Suspension, Objectification, and even Bitchsuits. It is interesting how my channel has become, and all this started because no one else was created videos that fully fit my Fetish needs.

Anyway, it is no doubt that I'm not the only person who has a Fetish that wants to be seen in MMD videos, but there are barely any or none at all. So it has led me to ask this question, have any of you have a certain fetish that you ether craved or had the slightest interest in seeing in MMD Videos, but there are barely any or none at all that involve that fetish? Does it bug you that Fetish isn't used in many MMD videos? Has the lack of that fetish in videos lead you to create your own video?

I just think this can be a fun little discussion.

2019-01-18 06:04

Belly Inflation / Cumflation is one fetish that doesn't seem to get much attention in MMD videos. I suspect this is primarily due to the lack of models featuring convenient sliders to support it.

Extreme cumdrinking (e.g. the girl eagerly guzzles down several dozen loads, either straight from donor cocks, or after the cum has been collected in a container) is another fetish that seems pretty rare. Vids like this are probably held back by the work needed to animate all the cum.

2019-01-18 08:16

Double Barrel. That's like Double Penetration, but the two dicks share the same hole. It's a bit specific, I know, so naturally I'm not going to come across it often, if at all

2019-01-18 09:30

snuff or sex acts that are borderline torture. something in the lines of SIEN or YunaTBM. the fact that these types of videos are somewhat controversial makes them even more scarce.
haven't seriously tried doing one of those myself. I'm a bit tone deaf when it comes to facial expressions.

2019-01-18 11:23

Heterosexual, consensual hand-holding. JK. Sex machines...and not just like the basic piston machine like you see in real porn. Overly elaborate, nonsensical, impractically designed bondage/sex machines like you see in the opening scene of Legend of the Overfiend. There's the one sex machine model with the milkers and the brushes that people use sometimes which is cool. Eventually though, I wanted to see more variety so I started making my own edits and videos.

2019-01-18 13:57

My "fetish" ( Breast Expansion [BE] ) is not as exotic nor ( truth be told ) as rare as those listed prior; howeva, it's what I like and I don't get enough of it, dammit! I would create vids of my own to post but for my inability to utilize shading properly ( still clueless as to how you folks do that ). Also, ( although I don't really consider this to be a fetish ( more of a "scratch one's head in acute perplexity" type of thing ) ) I am utterly baffled as to this seemingly obvious inconsistency that seems to permiate ( for all intents and purposes ) all R18 MMD vids that include nude males; specifically, most of the models have large penises, but the rest of the genitalia ( testicles, nuts, ball-sack, scrotum, nads, etc. ) is just plain tiny! I mean, ya got awesome females with big boobs, and males with huge cocks ( all a good thing! ), but the rest of dude's junk isn't even close to being normal-sized, let alone being proportional ( or even extra-large ( maybe this IS a fetish? ) ).

Just don't get that at all . . .

2019-01-19 00:22

even if bestiality is considered as popular we still dont have many videos featuring sex with animals ;D the most comon form of bestiality in MMD but also in non-MMD Hentai is still tentacle sex. tentacles are rather boring. I want to see more dogs, pigs and horses :3 and pokemon X3
It seems like we still lack in some decent animal and monster models..

Beside of that, i like ahegao but many videos featuring girls with stupid faces anyways :0

2019-01-19 05:16

Considering how popular it seems to be in commercial porn, it is remarkable that there are currently 2 search results for chikan. I checked kanji and hiragana too, in case I missed something. That adds 3. That's probably due to how many models might be needed in the scene... but you don't need a lot.

Oh, and guys that don't have bags on their heads.

2019-01-19 20:46

Lesbian SM , we need more goddamit :(
Yuri is too soft on hentai we need kink stuff !!

2019-01-20 00:34

I love booty love/twerking, or her just spanking her ass and looking back at you like "you like that?" THat type of teasing is few and far between, usually reserved for futa mmd I've seen (some of those strippers are right up my alley BUT, I'm not super into futas).

2019-01-20 07:21

There isn't enough insect sex to fill my fetish.. Drezeal is a good creator but i haven't really found any others

2019-01-20 17:53

Hate me if you want- but I sorta like the suspense that NTR(when done well) builds. It's a very simple concept and it doesn't even have to be NTR to anyone else to have that sort of drama that makes the video that much sweeter. Deltarion does his futa/ntr videos well- with simply a dance between certain characters at first with characters creeping and scheming in the background and then in the last part of the video there will be some R-18 scenes with that character instead. There is only one other account I know who does it often and they have all their videos locked to friends only which I am not of- because they only accept people via some sort of lottery. I recommend checking out Deltarion videos though-. He's the only creator that puts so much minor and fun details in the background of his dance videos but just like anyone they're hit and miss so watch a variety if you can. His old GuP ntr vids then his break into Touhou themes and futa were his best so far imo. Very great.

2019-01-20 17:55

Whoops. I double posted. I'll just say that sinsacks are a big turnoff to me in this one.

2019-01-21 01:52

I have yet to see a single video on this site use the classic vacuum cleaner gag.

This is a war crime.

2019-01-23 04:43

Lesbian orgy. No futa.

2019-01-23 04:57

I love THICC body wearing thighhighs. But the best thing I think is nipple stimulation. plus transparent dripping pussy juice is the evidence that her/his body is horny af.

2019-01-23 06:25

I didn't see any fart MMDs here so I posted some.

2019-04-17 11:17

Exhibitionism- either masturbating or actual sex. And not just the "sneaking around and not getting caught but doing it in public" exhibitionism- I mean the "trying to sneak and then inevitably getting caught and still going" sort of exhibitionism. Exhibitionism without the dancing, either: kind of takes away from the whole "disgraced in public by your own fault" sort of thrill I get with watching those sorts of videos (e.g. mm3077's exhibitionism video that can be found on pornhub, Birdway's exhibitionism video, and some others).

Unless people are putting it under a title that isn't "Public"/"Exhibitionism/ist" and I'm just not looking in the right areas :c (Help would be greatly appreciated in finding them)

2019-05-16 21:52

There's a series of kemono models that simply never got updated or used after about 2016/2017. (An example: https://imgur.com/a/PAnCKvY ) There's a single uploader on NicoNico who is hilariously sporadic (like, once or twice a year) who uses them and that's about it. I don't even know where to get them anymore, and my rig isn't even a rig, just a barely-functioning toaster, so rendering and making anything myself is an impossibility.
And because I'm so poor, I can't even, like, seek commissions or the like. I think I have all the videos that actually exist and are of even middling quality/explicitness of them, and I doubt more will ever get made. Oh well. I used to feel this way about Alice, but she's getting a resurgence now, so that's good. And yes, I know, furshit, but whatever.

2019-06-30 08:00

This is probably due to technical difficulty rather than popularity but like, any kind of bukkake or even just cum staying on the character instead of magically disappearing in the next frame tends to be uncommon, usually only in a few popular videos that put in the extra effort I assume. Makes a huuuge difference imo, just a big pet peeve when it all disappears w/o reason or is nonexistent.

2019-07-15 09:44

Straight baby/toddlercon sex, I have yet to see any mmd videos on this fetish. If anyone can make some videos on this that would be interesting.

2019-07-17 04:46

Might be a case of model restrictions, but I don't see too many MMDs with particularly detailed butt and thigh physics implemented, my two favorites would be blendy13 a Japanese creator, and Orion Dobledosis.

2019-07-18 04:30

Guro, asphyxiation and snuff. For some weird reason, live action pornos for these fetishes of mine are more common than 3D.

2019-07-19 00:14

MMD porn videos that actually are humour videos that attempt to sabotage the fapping by causing boner-killing amounts of laughter, is what I want. Gesundheit is the master of this, when it comes to eromanga: https://e-hentai.org/g/1298835/d4af52e53d/ (Can someone please make a Rin/Len MMD version of this eromanga, with so much ahegao and over-the-top MME and universe simulation background footage, that every viewer get pain in their sides instead of the expected fapping?)

2019-07-19 01:40

Her step brother looks like Rock Lee.