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#1 2020-02-26 21:57

Complaints about videos.

If someone complains about your video being bad that is DUMB for that complainer to keep watching that persons videos. Talking bad about a persons videos dosent help them improve their work but causes conflict in this site (Iwara) not making this site a nice place to do your videos but causes Future Great MMD Video Creators to leave to places like porn hub and other sites. Some complain that your views are bad like 1,000 views. Well think about this First Creators! You have a party with 1,000 people showing up that would be a kicking badass party. My new views are if you have 1k people Watch your video be happy because 1k or more were happy Fapping (Masturbating) while watching your video. So keep on creating and be HAPPY and ignore the complainers. Have a Happy Day Everyone

2020-02-27 02:43

They have nothing better to do, honestly. So they police people like a schoolyard bully.

2020-02-27 03:59

I have noticed that Happy Harbi

2020-02-27 07:23

Should I get any complaints about my video being bad, I would be pretty much open about it and would like to know why it's bad.
even if it means sending a PM to the person who Didn't like the video

The tough part is to tell if the person complaining is Trolling or has a legit complaint
Personally myself I had to file a few complaints in my time, but I had to be clear as to why I was complaining.
This way the creator will know and understand as to why this has happened.

(then again, this is just me)

2020-02-27 16:29

Telling someone their video sucks is trolling and not helpful. Giving advice as how to fix their problems with examples or hand holding with the person to help to improve their work with understanding keeps the person calm and happy. What kills me is when told go to learn mmd.com angers me because At that time I had gone to that site and youtube before asking for help and man those sites confused me even more. I had a few people like Pr0nb0ts Gave examples as how to use things and that helped made my videos a bit better. {FYI some of my video are for shock value and require an understanding for the strange}

2020-02-27 16:34

It was meant to be more of a indirect conformation of the person who said it, nothing more, nothing less

now there is a site that barely do anything to help with what is really needed to be a proper or at least a decent MMDer
Do not get me started on the Youtube "tutorials" that are really out dated.
You are not alone on this,

2020-02-27 20:06

>If someone complains about your video being bad that is DUMB
its called criticism you retarded dipshit
as long as you post your garbage people will shit on you forever.
if only you put as much effort in improving your videos as you do playing a victim
now there is a site that barely do anything to help with
Holy shit why are you people even trying mmd if you can't even read the easiest part. if you can't do basics youll get fucked when youll need to read/edit code to control tools and effects

2020-02-27 22:05

And the biggest promoter of Learnmmd showes his brain damaged self. LOL. He got pissed at me because I told him that he wasted my time telling me to use learnmmd.com when I asked a simple question after I went to that site and youtube that didnt answer my inquiry and has an attitude with me ever since and even more stupid when he got banned from youtube and they removed his R18 Videos. Even Im not stupid to post r18 on youtube because sooner or later you always get caught. Guthix make some videos and Quit being such a DICK!! I won a 50$ bet saying guthix would post a hateful comment within 2 days. Guthix stalks me around Iwara must be Stalker LOVE. Everybody lets stick to the Forum Now PLEASE O_O

2020-02-28 06:19

and the usual response, enjoy your continued pathetic existence as many more will come to tell you that you are a turd sandwich

2020-02-28 10:58

Back at you Stalker bully enjoy your continued pathetic life as many more will come to tell you that you are a cold wet lumpy diarrhea sandwich,You hateful cancerous filled rotting Asshole

2020-02-28 12:00

A Professor once gave me some Advice about Making a Comment Online these are smart Rules to go by
Rules of making a Comment
One is comment
Two is Trolling and Spamming
Three Your just being an ASS
Please remember that and dont be an Obnoxious Ass

2020-02-28 14:08

me personly, it depands on what their saying, if they said something that actually makesanse and can improve the quality, i'll take it as an advise
but if not, i'll ignore it
i know that my vids got a lot of bad part and far far away from being great, and that's because my lack of skill
so if their opinion can give me idea on how to improve it, i'll gladly listen to it
i'm the creator here so i have the freedom to make what i want(as long as not breaking rules) so i'll listen to things that makesanse for me

2020-02-28 19:34

Tell me anything Guthix ever says that can improve my videos on this forum. (crickets chirping) Nothing at all but harassment and childish ranter.
If he really can help me it would be appreciated and we can end this nonsense. I can bury the hatchet and get over this if guthix can agree.Or we can keep wasting time bitching at each other and never getting any thing done, I can try! or not. Its up to guthix and the others. I am going to be an adult and end this. Can he be an adult also