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#1 2019-06-08 01:33

Can we please get more R18 BB from Fate/GO??

It's been a long time and no new videos of her.... can we get some new videos of her?

Here is a pic of her in MMD below.


Thank you!

PS: And it would also be nice if there was a Tag for Fate/GO as it is pretty hard to find videos of her if her name is not in the title...

All Help is welcome! the more the better!!!!

2019-06-08 03:58

I have her model there is just a few things to know of:
- her tits aren't that big with this one
-are you ok with First person View (there was one I had planned for when she was trending, includes sex)
- any recommendations of what you might like to see?

2019-06-08 04:28

Thank you so much for the reply! XD

can I see the model? I will tell you more after I see Her model.

2019-06-08 04:58

Let's go through PM, Just much more easier to track replies.
no need to do a friend's request, (there have been issues with this thing for a while now -.-; )

2019-06-08 07:50

Can I ask if you would like to share the model of BB?
I can't find the BB model of R18. hope you are willing to help.

2019-06-08 08:43

She has no Vag aside form that this is pretty much it

PM me if you are ok with this. ^^;

2019-06-09 09:45


Is it a model in this pack?
I do not know because I did not check.
However, "BBペレ" is included.The details may be different but it is BBペレ.

I'm sorry, I use Google Translate.

2019-06-09 12:01

@alge Karbbe


2019-06-09 12:45

I also want to know the model of BB

2019-06-09 12:47

take alge's link, its a bit big but it has the better version
(no butt physics though)

2019-06-14 21:45

I want to ask if I can share the model of BB.