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#1 2018-07-17 09:45

Acid39 is leaving?!!

I love the videos of Acid39, and I want to be like him in the future (but with my style obviously)

Really I can't understand him... He hates the people that re-upload his videos, So he make a private community with "his friends" only for share with them his latest video, But he shows publicly a preview of his latest video, Also he make a twitter account..

What I want to say is... Why Acid39 is drawing more attention publicly? if he knows he has more followers who will not be able to watch the video!!

Sometimes I think that he is being a bad person to his followers...

And now he says he retires because someone of his "private community of friends" shared his latest video in a public way...

NOTE: Also check my comment #4:

Well, that's what I understood using Google translator. lol

I would like to know your opinion guys, And Sorry for my bad English.

2018-07-17 11:31

Pornhub kills another one huh? You just can't escape your videos being re-posted no matter what you do. Someone will always re-post. Acid39 doesn't post here, but the guys a legend, he made some of the best MMD porn ever. Also, his videos were available to premium members on FC2, not his friends. So obviously someone got premium, and re-posted the videos. Sucks too, since I paid for premium on FC2 just to watch his videos, and some fuckers went and ruined it.

2018-07-17 12:59

Do your own work with your heart, earn some money, just share it with the people who support him. Is it wrong?

2018-07-19 05:51

@GoldSaw @hayasi
Yeah, his videos were available to premium members on FC2, But in the latest video, He decided share it for his "friends" privately, Not published for Premium Users, and someone of his "private community of friends" shared his latest video in a public way
So he changed the latest video to "Public" and decided to retire...

2018-07-17 15:00

If you want to be angry with someone be mad at the people that reup,steal and take credit for Acid39's videos they are the reason many MMD Creators leave the free sites and take down their videos, Go private or give up

2018-07-18 04:17

Just how hard is it to incorporate your signature or watermarks into your videos anyway? That's how you thwart these art thieves. Make it unmistakeable to whom the work is credited.

2018-07-18 16:28

nah hes just another person who simply doesnt understand that sharing is the right way and the only thing that has a future. share the love and let them take your stuff to pornhub :0 pornhub is bringing more visitors to iwara than you could imagine. without those websites iwara would be still in the stone ages belive it

2018-07-19 03:42

You must take in account that there are cultural barriers that enforce stricter guidelines on sharing personal works. Don't take for granted that the mindset of sharing is universally known as sharing. To his mind, perhaps it's more like stealing.
And understand that this site does not generate revenue toward any individual creator thus don't expect a tight bond between them and Iwara. It's one that's more between someone and their Twitter account. For example, say, all of their followers or friends are not on the site anymore for reasons such as the site closing down, they would just ship off to Facebook. They have options.
There's also the long term effect. Yes, Pornhub may bring an immediate population to the site but it is in no way saving or helping the site in the long run. This generally discourages creators. A platform cannot sustain solely based on the users. If one side, either the creator or user, is unbalanced, the bridge collapses.

That's being said, I am not against sharing but I must admit my desire to comment that we should look at this matter in many angles.

2018-07-19 08:28

another one falls, move on. there will be new creators and there will be more who leave failing to tame the internet

2018-07-19 11:07

Actual statistics show pornhub as sending roughly 80 visitors in the past 2 years. No idea what brings the idea it is so great.
The real traffic boosters are twitter, and a specific blog hosted on fc2.

2018-07-19 14:07

Now, Acid39 blocked me in Twitter. lol
I login in with another account for check him status, Apparently in a tweet He talking about of Iwara's Forum and me (I think)

I admire and hate to Acid39 in the same time...
He really discriminates foreign people ):

Sometimes, the japanese otaku is usually arrogant (?)

2018-07-19 15:38

@admin, i am talking about advertisement. there is no link below pornhub videos that lead directly into iwara so you wont find statistic data of actually people who discovered iwara through "average" porn websites like pornhub or xhamster. But my statement comes from this theory i have; usally normal person is not interested in 3D porn or anime porn its quiet a maniac niche so average people visit at the beginning websites like youporn. so MMD videos there are leading those people ultimately into websites like iwara

@sorrownight; nothing colapses even if there is no video upladed anymore, those videos i got in my pc will keep entertaining me for decades. its allrdy much more than i can carry D; its nice to get something new but its not really a problem if the production slow down. and its also true that one day the era of MMD will be over, but i stronly belive at that point we get something much better that i cant even imagine about right now :3

@Guthix; its about supply and demand. having an audience is something cool and making videos is fun, as long there is space for creators new ones will replace those who stop

^hayasi got the best coment anyways :3

2018-07-19 18:03

hmmmm... this is a difficult problem
I'm not a creator (working on it though) so basically I don't really have the right to say shit
but how I came here is through pornhub indeed and that's pretty much the only way that an average know-nothing guy can enter the world of 3d porn
and it is also understandable why many creators don't wanna hand out everything for nothing
so... I was just thinking (cuz I don't have anything to present ... yet)
if watermarks aren't strong enough
could it be possible to cut out some fantastic parts from the original video and post the not so amazing version to pornhub just for propagation ?
no need for second version rendering or motion changing (which are super troublesome and time consuming to do)
for example if I have a video with the song "girls" just edit and jump to the last chorus at a proper timing
this should be super easy with iMovies or PowerDirector etc.
and then post the original on something that only allows streaming and give the link through patreon or the fc2 premium thing that you were talking about (fc2 runs too slow to even watch here... too bad)
I think this method is pretty unbeatable haha
hope Acid39 would find this workable and probably take back his retirement (I don't know does he still use Iwara?)
BTW I'm the one that saw his video on pornhub sorry man.... it was there and it was mind blowing!!! can't help it xD

2018-07-20 17:10
I'm not a creator (working on it though) so basically I don't really have the right to say shit

you can have an opinion without being a creator. many people who are spectating the forums silent have exactly this mindset. they surely must belive to talk here is a "creators only" privilege. that misstake keep people away from conversation.

and it is also understandable why many creators don't wanna hand out everything for nothing

even so, its not everything for nothing. they get an audience, they get critism and lots of praise. alone the thought "thats what i have acomplished" feels amazing. they get a VIP status and a fan base. the right spirit is to serve the audience and stay humble. dont get arrogant and dont demand reward or appreciation. Because no matter how big you are, the audience is allways bigger :3 the point is, you got allways to look up to the audience, as something "bigger" than you. not looking down on them.

@KaitoHatsune; Acid39 is probably unhappy that you started this tread so you got blocked D;

2018-07-20 21:38

He doesn't like its animation's being uploaded by other sites. KaitoHatsune shared an animation of acid39 by other sites.
He doesn't probably like you. The reason that Twitter was blocked is that.

2018-07-21 01:03

I admit shared the first video by Acid39 one time, almost a year ago... It was when I found him as Creator. I did it because I was very excited because he is amazing. Also that I mentioned in the description that was made by Acid39.

Shortly after I noticed that Acid39 doesn't like its animation's being uploaded by other sites, and I respect that.

What bothered me about him:
He is drawing more attention publicly making a Twitter account, saying what he will do to ALL his followers and He only shared the latest video with his friends in private way... He disturbs the other followers who will not be able to watch his video.

And someone of his "private community of friends" shared his latest video in a public way
Then he changed the latest video to Public and decided to retire.

Sorry again for my bad english.

2018-07-21 17:44
He disturbs the other followers who will not be able to watch his video.

just leave it alone and find something else to watch. there is allways alternative why even bother.
watch this very good

2018-07-21 21:06

The MMD-R18 creators with that quality of animation are scarce nowadays...
Also with Hatsune Miku as favorite character... :cry:

PS: That Hentai I saw it before, is very good~

2018-07-22 23:09

fully depends on how creative you are. if your imagination and your tolerance is big you going to enjoy more videos. if you get picky and upset about little misstakes your selection will dramatically shrink. I like high quality visuals, but im more happy to see perverted stuff. im not even watching good looking videos when they arnt lewd. my imagination is working pretty well when i hit on a super lewd video so it doesnt has to be perfect

example >.<

2018-07-23 06:32

I love the Bestiality and Mippai (Busty Miku)... > See good lewd videos with this, combined or not, is perfection for me. xd

But that video with Mirai Akari was so good~ lol
very creative <3

2018-07-25 13:37

If you ask me, if he's the kind of guy to go all "premium only, no wait friends only, OH NO THE GAIJIN ARE STILL SEEING IT, I'M QUITTING"

Then fuck that. Quality or no, I'd just shrug and be happy with the talented people who aren't complete assholes about the inevitable reposting. Sure, the guys stealing videos are shit, but that's no reason to be shit, too.

2018-08-09 14:49

sad really. its hard to find mmd-ers to include VAs in their videos.. and Acid39 is and will be top of my list..

2018-08-09 17:25

I wished I earned enough from MMD videos to retire!