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#1 2020-05-23 02:13

About modification of mmd model

I am now trying to dress the body of an R18 model with another model's clothing.
However, unlike the method of replacing only the neck, it is very difficult to transform and adjust the clothes according to the body of R18.
So I would like to ask you, how do you remodel at that time?
Please let me know if you are taking time to remodel it, or if you are remodeling it easily using tools etc.
Thank you.

2020-05-23 05:12

if the clothes are from a different body you will need to redo the weighting on the clothes, blender also has a few tools to help resizing some parts

2020-05-23 06:34

You can use the resizing tool in pmx editor and it works on hair-clothes- heads and bodys. Pr0nb0tz showed me how. I use it to shrink Ran to make child size Rans
Load object into PMX Editer Go to Edit (E) scroll to Plug-in (P) then System scroll to Size Change Tool (S) Set size Change to change to what ever size (play with it till you get use to it) always use a copy of objects so if you mess up while your playing with model no harm done Have Fun