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2022-06-28 15:51

i can't edit my videos, when i try doig it it says: The content on this page has either been modified by another user, or you have already submitted modifications using this form. As a result, your changes cannot be saved.
It happens even with videos i just uploaded.

2022-06-29 08:42

Unbelievably, the cache servers here are goofy.
Try editing when it's showing the most recent data, not when it's showing the older data you've written in the past.

2022-07-04 08:14

Processing video, please check back in a while

2022-07-05 03:25

>The Nameless Ghost
Try editing when the latest data is displayed, not when old data written in the past is displayed.
You can also delete content at this time.

2022-08-02 21:41

I can't see any videos in Ecchi video page

Edit; nvm I can view them now

2022-08-02 21:05

Greetings people from iwara I don't know if this message reaches the webmaster I have certain problems uploading videos using browsers like google chrome brave browser and uc browser having a good internet connection and I don't know what happens that the videos don't upload I suggest to the website that it re-edit the file upload area and instead of the clock put a progress bar to be able to see the progress of the uploads

2022-08-19 20:03

Processing video, please check back in a while

2022-08-24 05:35

Hello, a lot of users saying about comments disappear below videos and images. I have the same problem very often. Please, try to fix it.

2022-10-04 04:08

Unbelievably, the cache servers here are goofy.
Older data is displayed for a period of time.Next, new data is displayed for a period of time.The older data is displayed again for a period of time.This is repeated.

It will take at least 1 week before only the new data is displayed.In some cases it takes 2-3 weeks..,How did that happen?

2022-09-15 22:56

I also notice a lot that comments under a video go missing. Here is example comment:
No comments are displayed now.

2022-09-19 06:21
2022-09-24 18:46

well rip, everything but the ecchi video works atm. guess servers are fucky wocky again.

2022-10-30 21:52

The dreaded "processing video, please check back in a while" has returned and it has already affected 2 recent videos of mine today.

2022-11-04 06:18

All videos from 10.25 18:00 to 10.26 9:00 can't be seen.When you try to open a video,it will display "Processing video, please check back in a while".When will they be normal?

2022-11-05 19:05

Videos from 10/31 are all 'Processing'