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#1 2022-08-05 19:10


https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=QE8V6eXFZjI can somebidy tell me how can get this model? in credits are 3 authors and dont know who ask first.akashi upload lot videos from bilibili but i foreigner and most japanese user wont reply to person from europe...i have thousands bookmarks from this user (models used on videos he upload are amazing but cannot obtain any of them ,Akashi even not reply to any message )

2022-08-06 05:38

the original model is for koikatsu and it looks like everything was done in that software.
the author of the original model is:
the link of the model is in the description, but it only works for koikatsu.
if you have koikatsu you can use the model, otherwise what you have to do is convert it to pmx, there are tutorials on deviantart.

can't help more on this as i don't use koikatsu.

2022-08-06 21:34

i see thx