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Sorry for the wait 4ヶ月

I'm feeling significantly better, now. I won't share details, but it turned out to be a mix of several factors that were causing my terrible moods, and almost all of them are pretty much fixed, now. The last one is something I can't do anything about- stress over the current state of American politics.


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None of your videos are stream-able ,have to download just to see it.

You're the third person to tell me that. I really don't know what the problem is, but I think it's on the site's end, because that's a problem I've had with this site many times before. In fact, it's a problem I've had so often that I frequently skip trying to play the video and just go right to downloading it. In addition, I can still play them, even when I'm logged out or on another computer, so it doesn't seem to affect everyone (which is another point towards it being a problem on the site's end).

to solve this problem, use a program to improve the transmicion via streaming, such as: Ut Video Codec Suite.

Sorry, but codec and bitrate stuff just kinda flies over my head. It's all greek to me. All I really understand is framerate, resolution, and filesize.

This site definitely needs more IA. Thank you for contributing, and thank you for the models!

I will be following you. Your animations are very fluid and look great. Keep up the good work.

Well, I can't really take credit for that because I didn't make the motions, my thing is kinda more making models, but thanks anyways!

please follow me~! >< thanks!!

Sorry, I only follow people who have videos. I mean, why do you want followers anyways? What's the point in having followers if you have no videos for them to follow you for? If I had no videos, I'd care way less about how many followers I had because your follower count is a symbol of how successful your videos in general are, meaning that without videos, that number is... completely meaningless. So, like, why do you even want followers? What does your follower count mean to you?

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[ENG]: Following has nothing to do with private videos anymore. Now, it's a Friends thing. Also, my private videos are almost identical to my public ones. They just use a different face texture.
[日本語 (機械翻訳)]: あなたの後には、あなたが私のプライベートビデオを参照することはできません。それは友情関係しています。また、私の非公開動画は、公開バージョンとほぼ同じです。唯一の変更は、顔の質感です。

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follow me please! ^0^

Thank you for sharing your creations, and thank you for giving IA more of the attention she deserves.



Sorry, but no.
The story is that when I uploaded those videos, I accidentally broke a personal and self-imposed rule of mine. When I realized that, I uploaded new versions that didn't break that rule, and made the original ones private. The only reason that I made them private instead of deleting them is because I don't believe in taking stuff down.
So, there are only incredibly slight differences between the public and private versions of those videos. They're practically identical. You can get pretty much the same experience from the public versions. And I only accept friend requests from people who have videos, or that I have a personal connection with (like Kiyo, who I've given advice to; mimimi, who has a really nice icon that makes me automatically like them; or Jack-O, who's been liking my videos frequently enough and long enough that I feel like we kinda know each other).

Why can't I gei in tstorage.I want to dowload the model,but it seems bad gateway.I'm so upset.

I can't get in I truly love yukari.but it seems bad gateway.could you put her in mediafire? please~

maybe my english is poor._(:3 」∠)_

I can't seem to download any models, tstorage looks to be down or something.

I can't seem to download any models, tstorage looks to be down or something.

I can't seem to download any models, tstorage looks to be down or something.

Believe me, I know. I'm working on it, and tstorage presumably is, too.

How about the mediafire?I always use mediafire.

Do you have the futa model
for mediafire link?
I'm still cant access

good work。if the cloth can open and close mayby more bt4。anyway,giod job。

=。= 初見、ではないっすね。


Welcome back!

Thank you for your followin' me

I want to be your friend. I want to follow you. I want to watch your music videos. I love futa music videos so much. i love you music videos ^_^

luv your model >.<
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I like your mmd